Scaled : 65 lb bar

Time: 9:39

One of the challenging workouts in the Functional Fitness realm.  Not because of its complexity but rather its simplicity.  21-15-9 reps for Thrusters and Pull Ups.  I still cant do a thruster properly and I just cant kip my pull ups. In both cases its not for lack of trying but rather for lack of practice.

The thruster is supposed to be a mix of a front squat and a push press.  The synergy between the two makes a thruster.  And by that I mean there is a certain amount of momentum to be gained from the front squat that can minimize the amount of shoulders needed to propel the bar upward.  I just cant finish of my front squat enough (read: total hip extension due to poor mobility) to get that projection. Which means I end up pressing the 65 lbs. with just my shoulder which is why i scale.  I also don’t have the shoulder mobility to put my head through the window (between the elbows) to get an efficient lock out

The pull up is also a point of needed improvement.  I have never got a good kip that makes my pull up easier.  IOn other words I have never found a mechanical advantage from kipping to save energy.  Practice, practice practice.


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