img_19855 bench press 60% 1RM max (115 lbs.)

5 strict pull ups

12 minutes every minute on the minute EMOM

I love a good EMOM! When you program your own it’s always a challenge because you don’t want to tank early and yet you don’t want to leave anything in the tank at the end.  Usually I start any EMOM thinking this is too easy. Towards the end. . . .not so much?

And yet that is the beauty of a good EMOM. On a 12 minute EMOM at the first minute I had well over 30 seconds left before the next round. By the 12th minute I had no time left. To me that is beautiful.

Chelsea is a great EMOM For those unfamiliar with the WOD Chelsea it is a round of Cindy (5 pull ups-10 push ups-15 air squats) for thirty minutes. For those who can get to the end, you have my utmost respect. for me 23 is my PR which is pretty good. It means I can get 21 rounds of Cindy in the 20 minute time cap. EMOMs teach you pace and energy conservation  for AMRAPs.


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