It’s Sunday morning, New Years Day! My wife asked us last night what my resolutions were? I should have been honest and answered with the fact that I don’t believe in making resolutions! But instead I gave a lot of stock answers that a million other people would have answered with last night when given the opportunity.

I don’t believe in resolutions because I believe if you want to make a change in your life you have to do it now in the moment. Your epiphany should wait for momentous occasion like the new year it should happen when you first think of if. Now I’m not talking about spur of the moment, top of the head climb Mount Everest type of changes to your life.  I mean the casual observations about your lifestyle that keep repeating themselves and irk you more with each passing moment.  Like the fact that I drink a heck of a lot of coffee!  Does it irk me? Maybe to the fact that I have to reload my Starbucks card a lot or that I seem a little too anxious after my third or fourth cup.  Should I change that? Probably!? Will I change that? 

This year I have decided or importantly my wife and I have decided to enter the Tough Mudder Half.  I’m using it as a conduit for change in my life that has bothered me for a long time.  At 52 years of age, I have run or worked out or done something fitness related for the greater part of those years. For the past twenty years my wife has dabbled in various fitness activities that reach a much broader spectrum than what I have ever done.  And yet for our 20th year of marriage the two paths have rarely crossed until now.  

Tough Mudder demands physical fitness, I like that.  It requires that you train for it.  I like that too.  It demands teamwork! And now we have a challenge! My wife and I agree on many things and getting things done for the household requires nay demands different things from from our individual skill sets.  In the day to day operation of the family we accomplish the tasks at hand but different approaches.  Yin to my yang? More like Beauty to my Beast! 

And this is why I wanted to do this.  I wanted to set a goal, a fun goal.  A goal that wont break us but yet still challenge us to work together. To work as a team to gain appreciation for each of our functional fitness skill sets and learn new things from each other. To sweat together, to laugh together, to be together in our fitness.


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