4 mile Run

Four miles on a treadmill is a long time. I had the Seahawks game on. I had my ear buds in! And still it seemed like a long time. I used to call it the dreadmill because it was my only option for running when the weather got really bad or like today. I don’t have the option of running 4 miles on my own outside. 

One thing I do like doing is breaking up the run into smaller portions and filling in the gap with something. Typically Helen is my favourite for that. Intersperse the run with pull ups and kettebell swings and pull ups.  I do have a planned workout of half mile segments and Burpees. I haven’t decided on the incline of the treadmill nor the amount of Burpees per segment.

I must say my running is starting to come back to me. My goal is to be able to do a half marathon with ease.


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