Bear Complex

A very interesting set of basic movements linked together to form one complex movement, the whole time not letting go of the bar. A power clean to a front squat to a push press to a back squat to push press and repeat for 5 reps. Not letting go of the bar for the entire 5 reps.

I started with an easy 65 lbs. as this was my first time ever trying a bear. I increased weight every set by 5 lbs. Not a big weight for sure but my philosophy has been to get the movement down first the push the weights. Form before anything else.

By about the third set I must have clocked myself at least three times on the downward motion to set up for the back squat. To add insult to injury I clocked myself  on the way up to the push press from behind the shoulders. Ouch!

The fifth and final set did not go well. Form sucked and I couldn’t lock the elbows so I called it after 3 reps. I waited a few minutes dropped the weight down to 65 lbs and did 3 more reps before I was done.

I finished up with some bench presses. 5 reps @ 145 , 5 reps @ 155, 5 reps @ 165, 3 reps @ 175 and 1 @ 180


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